Yoram Maloto & Dj Supa Sai working on 4 Afro pop songs.


As a music Producer, Dj, Blogger & Music promoter.

I ve had a ruff time trying to figure out the best beat that would suit the legendary Yoram Maloto for his 4new projects without changing his singing style because his a mid tempo Artist, We all know him for his hit songs which ve a Ragga tone tune just like he chant’s in his songs “Raggaman come on”.
I ve decided to produce him 4 songs with afro pop flavor within his mid Tempo, for the reason being we want to catch up with the modern music at the same time without distorting the message/style of his singing.
According to my research most Zambian Artist/Producers fail to matain firm because they don’t move with time & they don’t want to switch & fuse in modern ideas.
I ve reached a conclusion basing on these facts to say a musician can only get finished when his static, glued & satisfied with his current position.
The fact is that funs get fadeup listening to the same sounds all the time hence they move on n you remain behind that’s were you are proclaimed finished.

        By Dj Supa Sai.


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