Mulambo-Haimbe-feat-baulen-rising-stars-Vonse Vizankala Che Mushe


BTW the narrative around this initiative is that it is a follow up to the Bauleni Music Awards of which the Mulambo Haimbe Foundation is a sponsor. It was recognised after last year’s awards that there is huge untapped talent in the community that needs to be showcased. It is against this background that the Foundation has taken the initiative to support a collaboration of the best stars from the community in a three song collabo. The single “vonse vizankala mushe” is the first song of the trio. It is from the hip hop genre and gives hope and encouragement, especially to the youth, that despite the challenges we are facing today, things will be ok in the near future. The whole idea of the project is to give less privileged artists a platform upon which they can be exposed and possibly grow to become stars in their own right. To give them hope and a chance at a bright start in their careers.


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