Timothy phiri best known as DJ T.o.T, is a Zambian DJ, basketball player and a chef .Born on 1st may 1997,raised in zambia, Lusaka .DJ t.o.t attended bauleni primary School then later started learning at Chilenje high school, I Became interested in playing basketball and started playing for the school (Chilenje) and the Catholic church. I got signed under hawk’s and my first match under hawk’s was against Napsa .Khosmas Phiri was the guy that taught me (DJ tot) a few things about virtual DJ ,A DJ software with an intuitive user-interface then after some time my friend Noy be introduced me to a musical group called the vultures then were i was signed as the official DJ for the group but things didn’t work out for the group due to some bad events that took place so I started pushing with one of the artists from the group Kennedy Ndhlovu known as Kadron Wick who turned to be my best friend, T.o.T worked on five songs with kadron Kick and he featured on kadron Wick’s e.p Titled Hit Dem folk’s. Later on I enrolled at a Catholic institution for a short course as a chef .Currently working with team yamveka munshe a group of DJs …


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